Things to Remember when Hunting for Your Futon Bed

Futon mattresses are stylish and versatile furniture pieces that are also wonderful in small nooks. Since there are many types and designs on hand, you want to make sure that you get the item that will best suit your needs and your budget. That’s why many aspects need to be considered before shelling out money for a futon bed.

To begin with, examine the theme of your space. You want to make sure that your choice will fit in perfectly with the rest of your furniture. Then, think about what frame you like. Futon frames are typically made of wood or metal, and these come in an assortment of styles. Make sure that the frame you choose will suit your needs. It’s also best if you pick a frame that’s easy to adjust. For instance, the bi-fold frame is very simple to fold in half, while the tri-fold frames are more challenging to change from sofa to bed and vice versa. After you have decided on a frame, it is now time to select an appropriate mattress. Futon mattresses can be made from a combination of cotton, wool, polyester, and also coiled springs. The first two are best for beds, while polyester and coiled spring mattresses are great for sofa beds or for a futon bunk bed. As regards futon bunk beds, these are convertible bunk beds wherein the top half is fitted with a mattress for sleeping, while the bottom half can be used as a space for a futon couch. Once you have selected a frame and a mattress, you also need to indicate what type of cover you want. Many types are available, like: cotton, silk, tweed, denim, vinyl, leather, and many more.

It is always best to do some initial research before paying for a furniture item. Make some comparisons as regards size, material and price to ensure that you’ll be getting a futon bed that’s perfect for your needs.