Which Salt Water Flush Recipe?

There is so much information on diets and detoxing on the internet that it can sometimes be hard to know which is real and which isn’t. There are so many different salt water flush recipes that you don’t know which is real and which is likely to leave you on the toilet for days on end. Well we have decided that in this article we will give you the real recipe that has been tried and tested by thousands of people who all recommend it!

SO what is our recipe? It’s so easy anyone can follow it. You don’t need specialist salt or water specially imported from the highlands of Scotland. All you need is a quart of water (slightly warm) and two spoons of everyday salt. Mix the two together and there you have it. The salt water flush recipe. Simple. Once you have drunk it, you should try to lie on your side for about half an hour (right side). This will help the fluid to draw out all of the impurities that are in your body and in your intestines. Once all of this has been removed from your body, you should feel better, lighter, more energetic and happier in your skin.

This will also help to boost your metabolism and encourage your body to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. Make the most of this and try to follow a healthy diet for a while. If you are still confused then why not invest in an ebook specifically tailored for people who want to detox. The master cleanse secrets book is full of good ideas and detox recipes that you can follow including those involving fruit and the ever elusive lemon/cayenne pepper and maple syrup detox. This information will have been tried and tested so you can be sure that you are onto a winner.