Can Meditation Make You Smarter: Learn the Truth

People seek answers through meditation. The answers that they are looking for cannot be found elsewhere, or so it seems, which is why they eventually turn to meditating to at least catch a glimpse of whatever it is that they are seeking. It is a search that is often rewarded by more than just glimpses, but of actually coming face to face with the truth that has so long been sought. And thus the inner calm, the peace within one’s mind and heart is finally achieved. It is an achievement that can only be viewed as considerable, since dealing with stress and looking for answers to one’s daily troubles is what pushes an individual to seek out meditation and derive all the benefits that it offers.

For many, that is already the pinnacle of what they are seeking for meditation. That is the most that they can get from meditating, to have that calmness and peace of mind that has seemingly eluded them for so long. However, it is something of a mistake to think that relief from stress is the only main that you can get if you get into meditation. Indeed, you would be missing out or at least delaying the other major benefit that you can get from meditation, and that is being smarter. Yes, as surprising and as incredulous as it may sound, the idea that meditating can actually help in making a person smarter has been suggested. But can meditation make you smarter? It is definitely worth anybody’s time to find out.

Be Smarter and Meditate More

Some might be totally surprised to hear that meditation has actually been linked to making people smarter. Achieving calmness and being a much more patient and wiser individual are the traits that people usually associate with constant meditation. Never, or at least seldom, has it been linked to improving one’s intelligence, so it surely sounds surprising to a lot of people. But if you happen to be the one who heard it, you will no doubt want to try and see if it would work at all.

Surprisingly, it seems that what has been instrumental in making people who meditate smarter is the fact that during meditation, the mind is actually doing nothing. Yes, doing less while achieving more seems to be the underlying philosophy here, with the mental stillness that result being equal to the reduced heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones that are also kept to a minimum. We can consider meditation then as an extensive exercise or workout for the mind, and one that yields very desirable results.

An actual study of the subject showed that those who meditate have shown that they are able to perform 10 percent better in standard tests that measure mental sharpness than those people who haven’t. Those results were from people who have only done meditation for a short period of time. Imagine the results if they have already been meditating for years. Such results point to how meditation may actually have a hand in making people a little smarter, so choosing to meditate today and not tomorrow, is definitely a smart move.