Choosing Your House Painting Services

CertaPro Painters offer some of the most extensive house painting services in the home improvement industry.  The largest painting company in North America, CertaPro has built their reputation on “certainty” and a commitment to their services and clients.  CertaPro Painters provide house painting services for their clients focusing primarily on interior painting and exterior painting.

Interior house painting services are critical to every homeowner.  The paint job inside the home serves as the foundation for the life and memories created inside the home.  The colors chosen as well as the quality of the painting reflect on the homeowner and their commitment to a beautiful space.  CertaPro offers an incredibly thorough and detailed interior house painting service that focuses on the following four categories:

Prepare:  Walls are prepared for painting by sealing holes, cracks, and other irregular aspects of the surface.

Paint:  The primer and paint is applied in a uniform fashion and with professional precision.

Clean:  Furniture and household furnishings are put back where they were originally moved from and all signs of home improvement are cleaned up leaving the updated space in excellent condition.

Inspect:  Homeowners are invited to inspect the work of CertaPro and communicate any concerns directly to the company.

Exterior house painting services by CertaPro Painters are thorough and detailed as well.  The approach is the same as interior paint but there is also a project supervisor on staff monitoring the progress at all times.  The project supervisor also ensures safety precautions are taken outdoors as well as is accessible to the homeowner for any questions they may have.

CertaPro Painters, however, in addition to their renowned painting services also offer incredible online tools that can aid homeowners in acquiring online estimates that ultimately reduce the amount of time needed to get an idea of a project’s scope.  Furthermore, CertaPro also offers unique tips and articles that focus on house painting services, understanding color, and guides the homeowner through the entire painting process from start to finish.  An additional service offered by CertaPro is the color expert.   Customers are encouraged to email their color questions in and receive a response from CertaPro’s expert who will help guide them in making the right decision about color in their home.  The best part about CertaPro’s home painting services, however, is that no matter where a homeowner is in the process of painting, CertaPro has advice to help them make the right decision for themselves and feel confident in the information they apply to their homes.