Holidays in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and one of the most important tourist attractions of the country. It is surrounded by hills on three sides, has a compact layout and well preserved historical monuments due to which it gives the impression of a small town as compared to the other cities like Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand. Travellers who are travelling to New Zealand for the first time and need some New Zealand travel tips would find everything they want in Wellington.

It is believed that the great Polynesian explorer, Kupe, first discovered Wellington in the 10th century and named it Te Whanganui a Tara which means the Great harbour of Tara. People have inhabited the city since then. Today Wellington is a modern and thriving city, noted for its cosmopolitan nature, love of arts and café culture. There are as many cafes and restaurants in Wellington as there are in New York! Wellington’s calendar is packed with events and festivals throughout the year. It is not only the country’s political hub but also the country’s arts hub. The country’s heritage is well preserved in Wellington. The city’s landscape is dominated by many historic buildings and mansions like the Parliament Building. These stand alongside modern architecture marvels like Te Papa, which is also the country’s national museum.

The city is home to around 400,000 residents. Major population concentration is in areas towards the east of the city. These comprise of the urban areas of Lower and Upper Hut, Wellington council region and Porirua. The city enjoys a marine climate with an average of 169 days sunshine in a year. The maximum that the city experiences in summer is around 31oC (88o F) and the minimum temperature in winter rarely falls below 4oC (39o F).However the Southerlies blowing across the city can make the temperature much cooler. Generally it is windy throughout the year. The city also experiences heavy rains with an annual rainfall of around 1249 mm. Snowfall is rare however has been reported in the winter of 1995. Due to its excellent climate and scenic beauty, the city is fast turning into a major film production city. Recent Hollywood movies filmed here include The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Avatar and King Kong.

Major attractions in Wellington include Te Papa, Wellington Botanical Garden, Parliament Building, Wellington Zoo, Katherine Mansfield’s birthplace and the New Zealand Cricket Museum. However the waterfront is what attracts most visitors and provides a stunning view of the city. The Wellington Regional Council provides good bus connectivity to all the major attractions within the city. Furthermore there are many taxi stands and car hire companies providing service throughout the city.

With these Wellington travel tips your next holiday will be more fun and enjoyable.