The Beauty of Memory Foam Mattresses

In this article we briefly provide some of the benefits you will receive from selecting well-made memory foam mattress from the huge collections now available online and in-store.

To understand memory foam we need to know that it comes in different qualities and will provide differing levels of firmness.

It is made from polyurethane and other chemicals that have been refined over the years to create a sleeping surface that absorbs the body weight very well and doesn’t heat up with prolonged use. Both of these assets contribute to the comfort that users speak of in the reviews out there.

Mattresses will contain varying levels of memory foam and so they are not all equal. You should look for the ILD rating on mattresses which will tell you how firm the mattress is. For the best comfort it is usually recommended to get one with a soft (low ILD) topper and a firmer (higher ILD) body. This should deliver the best of both worlds, but you will only really know by lying down on a few mattresses to gauge your personal preference.

Some people complain that memory foam mattresses smell, but the best ones should lose any odors within a day or tow in a well-aired room. Other complaints of sagging probably result from someone purchasing a cheap version with low memory foam grade inside. These will always have more problems than a well-made one from a reputable manufacturer, which should stand the test of time very well and often carry a warranty for ten years.

Having said this, it is possible to buy decent, cheap mattresses if you have done your homework and don’t mind settling for one that is not the latest model. Searching the online stores for promotions on discontinued models may be a good way of landing one of these bargains.