Consider Wicker Furniture For Your Garden

If you just went out and spent a great deal of cash upgrading your back yard, turning it into a vibrant garden with full multi level deck, pool, and gazebo it would be a shame to waste all that effort and not have the best looking most durable garden furniture you can find. If you want just furniture that is durable you can get some really nice looking heavy plastic furniture. If you want to give your garden a different look and make it much more natural a better choice is wicker garden furniture. Wicker garden furniture is perfect for a garden because wicker is essentially a wood and natural.

But why wicker and not another wood? Well, the reasons for this are simple. First of all wicker, despite its light weight, is a very durable wood and is especially adept at dealing with moisture. Wicker is so good at taking on water that for millennia it has been used worldwide for everything from roofs of houses to boats sailing the Nile , Yellow, Ganges, and Amazon Rivers. When you cut down a tree it immediately begins drying out and any water moisture, not containing the right oils, will only cause the wood to rot. Wicker on the other hand will naturally repel water, causing it to bead and run off. Wicker does this naturally with no help from furniture products or special sealers. Wicker is also much lighter, easier to carry and move around and of course store than other woods.

Finally wicker is much less expensive than other woods. It comes in enough different styles to make it a very attractive choice and you can find wicker garden furniture to match nearly any theme you are planning. Shopping for this furniture is also easier because your are freed from the heavy shipping of other materials and this makes ordering online much easier.