Various Uses for Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Most people use Wooden Jewelry Boxes for storing jewelry or other treasures. Inexpensive ones make great gifts for little girls.  They can fill it with all their fancy plastic adornments and pretend to be a princess with remarkable treasures.  She many also put toys and other kinds of valuables in her special box. Perhaps she will want to hide it and play hidden treasure with her friends. The riches in such a special container might be enough to ransom the queen, who has been kidnapped by pirate brother.

Wood can easily be painted to give it a personalized touch.  If somebody is good at art work, unicorns, fairies, and rainbows may decorate the outside. There is just something about storing cheap toy jewels in a fancy package that turns them into priceless valuables.

As the little girl becomes a little lady, she may want her special container to be used for more elaborate gems. She may also want a new one to be redecorated. If somebody does wood burning as a hobby, he or she can make elegant flowery designs in the wood.  Now some of her priceless items may be gifts from a special someone in her life. The presents from her boy friend, will probably get a special place in her life and the box.  Little love notes will also likely take up room among her other valuables. Perhaps these notes will one day be used to start a camp fire, to make room for items from another boy, or maybe they will stand the test of time and go on a honey moon.

The married woman is ready for a wooden jewelry boxes that have a serious lock. The treasures she owns are probably worth money and be would tempting to thieves. What she used to show off, she might have to keep hidden, lest the expensive items be taken from her.  This is especially true if her husband has showered her many elaborate gifts, and her mother has given her family heirloom jewelry. Fancy lockets with family photos will likely be part of the valuable collection.  If the wedding ring is not constantly on her finger, it needs to be in the safe place.

Finally, as old age approaches, Wooden Jewelry Boxes may become a place full of memories.  By now the pricey jewelry pieces may have been passed down to younger generations. It may be time to go back to the simple wooden jewelry box, which is a lot like her first one.  Again it can contain cheap jewelry that the grandchildren brought with their own money, or that they made themselves.  Pictures they drew for her also can stay with the wearable items.  Photos and notes may take up the rest of the room.  This one might not ever be locked and hidden.  She will want to show it off, especially if the little ones painted it themselves for her.