Solar Panels can Make a Difference With Your Bills

The cycle of day and night keeps stable thru the millenniums and seems to be here to stay. Having the sun come out every morning, is the most solid and reliable fact in our planet.  Although some ancient nations tried to harness the power of the sun God, it is not until recently that the technology has advanced enough to allow us to profit from this amazing, unending, all powerful free solar energy!

With all the ecological disasters caused by the misuse of fossil fuels or by the greed of corporations in obtaining as much of this non renewable energy as they can find, the moral issue of cleaning up our atmosphere helps us decide to use greener energies as much as possible.

As everything in this consumer society, when new appliances or technologies appear in the market, they are very expensive, and as they manage to build them faster and with cheaper materials, they become more affordable. The same is true of solar energy, of course. Courtesy of the emerging Asian countries, solar panels are now very affordable and easy to install. DIY kits are ready to be sold in many hardware stores and many people are starting to avail themselves of this excellent product.

In colder climates, the need for heating up the homes makes our power or our gas bills higher than usual, while the same is true in hot climates, where the air conditioning and fans are the culprits.  Both heating and cooling systems could be completely free or very low cost if people would install solar energy for homes.

In places where there aren’t many hours of sunshine, it is a good idea to install a solar energy powered combi boiler, connected to the solar panels in the roof. It can be electric or fuelled by gas, but the point is that, it will be the solar energy that will heat the water, while the combi boiler will take it from there to increase the heat to the desired temperature.