What Is A Bottle Labeling Machine

The evolution of machines with control mechanism has revolutionized the concept of manufacturing. The essence of label for an item that is manufactured is as important as the National Identity Card of an individual. A label signifies the identity of an item. Bottle labels are a class of very essential labels. The machine that performs such an operation of attaching labels is called a labeling machine.

The development of labeling industry has given birth to modern labeling machines. Bottles are common household grocery items. The bottle labeling machine attaches a label each time a bottle is inserted in the internal housing of the machine. The labeling machine is equipped with a power supply, a conveyer belt, motors, mechanical connecting components, label material, ink and many other such parts. The label usually has a logo and description specifying the material or liquid in the bottle. For instance a bottle of soft drink will specify the description of the flavor and ingredients along with a bar code. All such information is printed using the ink on a paper attached to the conveyer.

Each time a bottle is inserted in bottle labeling machine, the paper that has the label is cut down by the machine and pressed onto the bottle. While the machine is doing so, the motors attached to the conveyer belt rotate the bottle so that the label is pasted accurately on the bottle. The machine is controlled using a micro-controller that is set up with a control system to optimize synchronization.

When the bottle is finally equipped with the label attached, it is taken out from the slot of the machine or moves on the manufacturing line depending upon the configuration used. The essence of bottle labeling machine as an essential tool cannot be denied.  It is used for both identifications and description purposes with is extremely valuable to anyone’s product.