Take Advantage of the Government Grants Being Offered: Install Solar Power Now

In this ‘critical decade’, as our present time has been named by the Australian Climate Commission, we all need to become more active in the drive towards environmental climate stability. The effects of climate change are two-fold – first, there are the physical effects of global warming on climate and on severe weather events around the world, and second, there is the follow on effect on our costs of living. The continued increase in the price of crude oil due to its depletion in worldwide reserves, and the greenhouse gases which result from the use of its by-products, have caused the cost of living to multiple exponentially.

In order to not be swept away in this web of high prices and less enjoyable lifestyles, each household needs to make a stand and decide to make a change towards your own sustainability, and by so doing benefit the entire global community.  A few major steps which can be taken include the use of solar power for home use, using systems which are now quite affordable with the assistance provided by government grants and varieties available; using individual solar appliances like solar water heaters, which can cut your power use by up to a third, if you are switching from a standard electric water heater; planting backyard vegetable and fruit gardens, and by generally consuming less and recycling more.

The advantages of solar power include the fact that sunlight is available year round at nearly every region minus the poles, Also, solar power systems are

  • easily installed
  • need little to no maintenance
  • pay for themselves within a few years
  • produce zero green house gas emissions once installed, and
  • help to save you money as they reduce your power bill or take you off the public grid completely.

If the installation of a solar water heater instead of an electric water heating system can reduce your bill by one third, can you imagine the savings you’ll enjoy with a complete system? If you are the handy sort, you could even choose to go with  DIY solar power panels; either making your panels from scratch, or using a DIY solar power kit.

Governments worldwide are also offering significant incentives including grants and tax deductions to householders and businesses which are becoming more ‘green’ and are installing renewable energy systems like solar panels and wind turbines, so visit your local office and find out which incentive are being offered in your area. And be aware that these incentives are usually for a fixed term or until the budget is used up (whichever comes first!) – so once you find  out what is available to you, don’t delay.