The Best Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away

Is your enjoyment of your garden being limited by the great number or mosquitos that get in the way? This is becoming more and more of a problem with each passing year. With the number of mosquitos multiplying each year the problem is bound to become worse. That is why if you want to enjoy your garden even more then you need to find a solution to the problem. The best way to resolve it is to use natural methods instead of using insecticides and other chemicals. Insecticides normally have some side effects that affect humans, other animals and plants. These effects might prove to be harmful.

One of the best natural methods of fighting mosquitos away is to use plants that can keep these insects away. These plants can do this because they contain certain chemicals that insects do not like. If you want to try this method then here are some of the best plants to keep mosquitos away:

Marigolds– These are very lovely plants that make good bedding. Their flowers are of different colours and range from yellow, red and gold. They are also appropriate for planting on containers. You can plant them in small containers and place them on a patio where they can help to keep away mosquitos. In the garden you can setup a bed and plant marigold in it. It can help to keep away other pests like aphids as well.

Catnip- Research has proven that the natural effect of catnip in repelling mosquitos exceed that of some chemicals making it a very effective plant for the garden.

Citronella- The Citronella plant, also known as the Mosquito plant is normally used for making scented products because of its light and pleasant scent. It is also a very effective plant when it comes to repelling mosquitos. It can be planted on garden beds and containers.

Horsemint– This plant is very similar to the Citronella plant. It has a scent that mosquitos tend to stay away from. Don’t worry about that smell bothering you it is not unpleasant to humans at all.

Ageratum- This is another excellent bedding plant with flowers that are blue and white. This plant is excellent for repelling insects because it produces a substance called Coumarin which is a chemical used in insect repellents that are manufactured and sold commercially. You don’t have to worry though about the harm that it might cause humans since it is not irritating to us at all.

Another great way of taking advantage of these plants is to take the blooms and the leaves of these plants and crush them and rub them on your clothes and on your body. That can serve as natural insect repellent. There are many other plants that can serve you in this way but these few that we have mentioned are the best that are available right now. Make your garden an insect free location by planting all of these plants there and letting them grow. One good advantage with these plants is that they can be cultivated as well.