Find Out How to Use Meditation Beads Properly

Meditation is good for people. That’s one aspect of meditation that only becomes immediately apparent when one is actually practicing it. It is the practical effect of meditation that tends to be overlooked. More often than not, the image that meditation has in many people’s minds is that of an activity that is kind of abstract and detached from the practical realities of life. It is obvious that people need to more about the real benefits and effects that can be derived from meditation. When though most of the public is aware of the process, they remain pretty much in the dark about what an individual could get by practicing it.

As an example, there probably aren’t that many people who knows about meditation beads. The only ones who probably have any real inkling about it are those who are already practicing meditation themselves. It is actually used as some sort of anchor to help those who are doing the practice of meditation achieve better focus and concentration to the task at hand. Admittedly, there would be distractions all around, and that could be so even if you’ve chosen what you thought to be the best meditation pose or your most effective mantra. That is why using meditation beads is such a key element in the success of the process.

Using Meditation Beads

Proper meditation is indeed a process. And to focus on it you will need the help of meditation beads. There is a proper way of using it, so here’s how to use meditation beads correctly:

• Be sure you are comfortable right from the start. Being in your most comfortable clothing should help you get started the right way.

• Relax and breathe carefully, even rhythmically. Just surrender to the moment and set aside all your worries and other thoughts.

• Leave the index finger pointing forward or extended by holding the other fingers towards your palm. Let the thumb touch the middle finger.

• Use the middle or ring finger as the anchor for the meditation beads, without allowing it to touch the index finger.

• Start with the summit bead; it is usually the largest bead or that of a different color. From there, go over each bead until you reach the summit bead once more, and as you do you go along each bead in time with your mantra and drawing of your breath. Remember not to pass the summit bead over, and should you want to continue, simply start with the summit bead once again, this time moving in the opposite direction.