What to know more on Alcohol Poisoning?

Taking large amounts of alcohol creates a depressant effect in the body. It also brings toxicity as the liver can no longer metabolize the large quantity of your intake. Severe alcohol drinkers can consume three to four alcohol drinks in an hour and may even start their day drinking. Alcohol poisoning symptoms are then common as soon as the blood is intoxicated. It can alter the organ functions and as a result, the body purges the alcohol causing vomiting. In general, aspiration is the leading cause of fatality among drinkers other than the alteration of the breathing status.

An alcohol drinker can survive depending on how knowledgeable he is about the symptoms. Most of the people assume that only heavy drinkers are the ones affected with alcohol poisoning but it isn’t always the case. Even a first-timer can suffer depending on how his body will react to alcohol. It might also depend on the body type and the nutritional intake of the drinker.

Remembering the signs of intoxication are important as it can prevent further complication. These are some of the following:

• Low temperature. Touching the skin and observing for cold and clammy surface is one of the initial signs. You can also look for bluish appearance.
• Unconsciousness. Others always think that sleeping after long hours of drinking session is better. However, they might not be able to realize that the individual is already suffering from coma. Try to awaken the person to know if he is still responsive.
• Altered breathing. Check the regularity of breathing every minute and see if it is normal.
• Mental confusion. This is another warning sign among drinkers. Observe their orientation and mental stability.
• Convulsion. If the person is shaking uncontrollably, safety should be prioritized. Brain cells and the nerves are usually affected causing seizure. Make sure to offer a safe environment and call for help.

It can also be accompanied with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. If one is able to recognize these symptoms of poisoning then most likely survival rate is higher. Alcohol may take away a piece of your life slowly so it is important to lessen the alcohol intake.