Get a Lower Golf Score in Seven Simple Steps

If you want to golf like Tiger Woods, you need both natural talent and practice.  However, anyone can improve their golf score significantly just by putting into practice these seven simple tips.

Visit the course in less than ideal weather conditions. By golfing when it is raining, windy, or foggy, you can improve your game. You have to concentrate more, and learn how to hit into the wind. This can lower your score.

Visit the golf pro shop. Many people have the wrong sized clubs for their body type. By getting their appropriate clubs for your height, you can improve your swing and your score.

Pick up a golf GPS system while you’re there. This device helps you plan out your shots and keep track of your progress. It’s a very useful tool for any serious golfer.  Read this uPro review for more information.

Take a road trip to a new golf course. Playing somewhere new challenges your brain and body in different ways. You may learn some methods of getting the ball to the old that you did not know already. This improves your score at your home golf course.

Play with those who challenge you. By playing against those who are better than you, you can improve your game. You’ll have to work hard to keep up with them. You’ll also pick up some tricks on how they play.

Practice.  As they say, practice makes perfect. Work on both your long and short game through putting and driving. Both skills will help you do a lot better.

Visualize. By imagining where the ball will go, you’ll have a better chance of actually getting to go there. You’ll subconsciously change your stance and your swing to get it where you want it to go.

Before you go golfing again, make sure you try these simple tricks.  Playing like the pros is within your reach!