The Best Adjustable Dumbbell

The best adjustable dumbbell isn’t something so out of reach. Just know what you want, what you need and what you can splurge, and you’ll have it. To help you out, let’s take a closer look at what adjustable dumbbells are really like.

There are actually two kinds of adjustable dumbbells. The first is the adjustable free-weight, which are dumbbells with removable weight plates on each end. You can adjust them by taking them off or adding more weight plates to each end. They don’t need much space and are great because there’s no big mess to clean up. The downside is if you lose one of the weight plates. You’d either have to buy a new plate, or just change the weight. Keep them where they should be and they’d probably last you a lifetime.

They’re not really for the madding crowd, however, because it can take a while to adjust the weight plates. Or if you’re impatient, you might just toss them out the window and hit someone on the head. Whoa. Calm down.

Next comes the adjustable free-weight system which is totally cool because there’s no mess or struggle at all when adjusting them. Just move the pins to the holes they should be placed in or lock the switches in various directions, then lift. The unused weight plates would stay in their holder, and you’d get a great workout! If you’re done, just put the dumbbells back in their holder, shove them in the back of the couch and off you go to the shower.

The great thing about the adjustable free-weight system is it’s user-friendliness. Beginners will find them invaluable, and with many older women becoming more and more health conscious, you can give them to your mom with a plan for losing belly fat in women over 50. She’d find it very useful, and won’t just put it aside.

The best adjustable dumbbell is the one that works best for you.