Benefits of Using Pheromone Perfumes

Pheromones chemicals naturally produce and release, whether secreted or excreted, by the members of the animal kingdom. Each species that produces it use it for a certain function. For example, pheromones of bees can be released by the hive’s queen, drone or working bee and each one initiates a response to other bees; example, the nursing bees will be able to distinguish an egg laid by the queen or a working bee because of a pheromone called the egg marking pheromone.

However, in humans, pheromones have little known effects because it is believe that humans lost the capability of producing it in significant amounts. Our knowledge of its use is basically limited on it effect on our sexual behavior, social interaction and feeding response (which is only applicable for infants). Perfume companies came up with the idea of mixing these pheromones to their products to make the life of the person using it a bit easier; they came up with what we call the human pheromone perfume.

The first benefit that a person can get by using this product is the enhanced possibility of finding a partner. Partner in this sense may mean a sexual partner or an emotional partner. In pheromones, especially androsternone, initiate a change in sexual reaction to another person. This specific type of pheromone makes a man more masculine and makes a woman more feminine thus the opposite may become sexually attracted to him or her.

This is the reason why more perfume companies use this specific pheromone. However, the change in sexual behavior of the opposite may result into a negative response; too much androsternone may make you too “airy” making women become irritated of you and you chance of going home with a women may be lessened.

The second benefit that people get from using pheromone perfumes is an improvement in the social life and the relationship a person has over the people around him. A pheromone called androstenol, is said to make the other people around you comfortable talking to you – thus it is sometimes dubbed as the comfort pheromone. When a person with this specific type of pheromone, you embody an aura that is cheerful and entertaining as a result, you have a much better chance of closing a big business deal and having a good feedback from the parents of your partner.

Aside from the two benefits mentioned above, you will discover more if you use one these products available in the market. I personally think that using a pheromone perfume is much more beneficial than using cheap perfume you can buy in wholesale bulk perfume stores.