Upright Freezers Versus Chest Freezers

For many households and business establishments, having a freezer is important. Fridge freezers have a very small freezer space, which is not large enough to store many frozen items, so it is sometimes necessary to have a second refrigerator in order to keep necessary food items that requires freezing.

Freezers are very beneficial since they come with many benefits. First, it allows you to buy food items in bulk, wherein they are cheaper. This is important especially if you are in the business of food service since you would want to minimize your cost. Aside from that, freezers allow you to keep food items for longer periods of time. When meat, fruits and vegetables are frozen, their life spans are prolonged so they are kept fresh. It also allows you to save time since you can prepare different viands and recipes in freeze meal size portions so that the next time you don’t feel like cooking, you can just get any of your prepared food and heat them in the microwave.

There are two types of freezer refrigerators: there is the chest freezer and the upright freezer. Choosing the best type of freezer for your household or business establishment would be up to you but you would need to consider and weigh the advantages and disadvantages first.

An upright freezer is more convenient because they occupy less space than a chest freezer. In addition, their interior is well lighted so you can easily locate whatever food item you need to find. However, free standing freezers are usually more expensive than the chest freezers and they are less energy efficient since opening and closing the freezer doors results to faster displacement of cold air by warm air, so the freezer uses more energy to keep the necessary temperature.

As for chest freezers, they are ideal since they provide bigger storage for more food items. In addition, they are cheaper than free standing outright freezers and much more energy efficient too. You don’t have to worry about keeping food fresh during power outages since chest freezers are able to keep their temperature longer. They also come in frost-free refrigeration systems so you don’t have to spend any time and effort defrosting them, which can be such a hassle. However, chest freezers have disadvantages too. First, most of these freezers don’t have interior lighting so you would have a harder time locating food items especially in deep chest freezers.

Another disadvantage is that deep chest freezers don’t come with compartments for you to be able to organize the items that you will put inside, so you might have a harder time reaching and getting what you have stored. The best solution to this is to buy freezer baskets, which can help you to organize the insides of your deep chest freezers. A freezer basket can be very helpful since they would create compartments in your freezer to make it easier for you to look for and access the different items that you have stored.