Using White Wooden Wall Shelves in Different Rooms

In the main rooms of your home, adding white wooden wall shelves is a great way to provide a space to display personal items that have a special meaning to your family. They also provide visual interest since they are three dimensional and offer an alternative to the usual prints and paintings that we often use to decorate our walls. In some other rooms white shelving can provide valuable storage space. Here are a few tips on getting the most from white shelves in different areas of the home.

If white fits in with the color palette in your living room or family room, then hanging up some white wooden wall shelves can provide display space for both decorative or personal items while brightening up the room at the same time. If you like to collect and display photos, vases, candles, etc. you will run out of places to put them at some point. Wall shelves add more display area without taking up any additional floor space.

White wall shelves are often a great choice for a child’s room. Whether a child is an infant or a teenager, white will usually look great with any kids room decor. They make the room look clean and organized and provide valuable storage or display space at the same time. If a child tends to collect things, a set of white wall shelves would be a great place to display all of their favorite items.

The bathroom is another place that could benefit from the addition of some white wall shelves. Use shelving to store supplies such as soaps and cosmetics in wicker baskets, or get a wall unit with doors if you have lots of small items that need a spot. A small white shelf with decorative items wold also look great in the bathroom.

These are just a few of the rooms that might benefit by adding some white wooden wall shelves. find shelves at furniture stores and home improvement stores that will suit your decorative and storage needs.