How the FR60 Garmin Watch Works

With the great power of technology and electronics, Garmin has created many different units of sports devices. The FR60 sports and fitness watch from Garmin is made with very durable materials and top quality features. The user of this Garmin watch can utilize it for indoor and outdoor workout. The user can also get the relevant training data such as the heart rate and the calories burned from his workout. He can also attain the lap averages if he used this kind of sports and fitness watch. Your training can be developed if you utilize the FR60’s cutting-cutting edge training tools. These are the Virtual Partner component and the training alarms. The training alarms may be in accordance with your HR. The FR60 sports and fitness watch will also help you achieve your training goals.

The FR60 sports and fitness watch is a perfect and very effective training aid. The company created it with unique, attractive, and sleek design that most people will love. This Garmin watch is also equipped with an integrated heart rate monitor and calorie counter. Garmin is also offering some accessories that can improve the features of this watch. The foot pod accessory will help the watch record the user’s speed and distance covered. The user can analyze the data because it can be transmitted wirelessly to a computer. You can also use this sports and fitness watch in conjunction with HR monitor. This is because of the ANT+ wireless technology.

The FR60 watch can be used with the Tanita BC-100. Because of this, the user can stay on top of his weight, body fat, and his weight that are stored on the watch. You can also send gathered information to the brand’s online user community. This is called the Garmin Connect website. The user can improve his training and he can get all the training information because of the great features of this Garmin watch. Men and women can wear this kind of watch. There are FR60 watches that are available for men that has a weight of about 0.2 ounces and for women that weighs at 1.43 ounces. The available colors for men are black and red and for women are black and lilac.