Are Patio Covers Worth Installing?

Patio covers and enclosures are the perfect product for any home that has enough spare space in the garden to fit one in. They can help keep your home’s interior and an outdoor dining area cooler in the summer months and can reduce air conditioning bills by directing a cool breeze through your rooms.

The covers provide protection from the suns damaging rays to people who want to spend time in the fresh air, but don’t want prolonged exposure which can cause damage to the skin and eyes. Cooler air gets drawn into the home’s interior when the breeze picks up. The nice thing is that the larger the cover outside your home, the cooler the breeze made by all that shade.

Another bonus of this device is that they afford you added privacy by protecting you from your neighbors view into your home. Add a few hanging plants to add color, cooling, and privacy and you have a perfect space to enjoy the long summer days.

A properly placed patio cover will lower the temperature 15% to 20% compared to the temperature indoors which reduce energy bills and help pay for the construction costs.

When trying to decide on which design to get remember that those that make use of lattice roofing allow you to change the amount of light that passes through your cover. 50% spacing means you have 2″ x 2 “s placed 2″ away from each other, allowing 50% of the light to shine in.

So the five main benefits that you will get from the covers are: privacy, lower energy bills, keeps home cooler, add equity, and start outdoor living space. Although they can cost quite a bit of cash to have initially installed the money they can save you, and the added enjoyment you get from your property will make it an investment that is well worth the cost.