Three People Who Benefit From an Associates Degree in Accounting

Getting any sort of degree in accounting can be extremely beneficial. Accounting skills are very practical and they are in high demand even during a down economy. This has led many people to seek an associates degree in accounting from online universities. This article will discuss some of your job options if you receive an associate accounting degree.

Now there is a lot of bad information out there about the types of jobs available for this type of degree. One website went so far as to say that big accounting firms (hinting at the Big 4) would hire someone with an associates degree. This is simply not true in almost all cases. This is not to say that you can’t benefit from an online associate degree in accounting; below three types of people who can benefit from such a degree are listed and explained.

Someone who wants to work as a bookkeeper for a local mom and pop shop. A person who fits this mold will definitely benefit from receiving an online associate accounting degree. Local mom and pop shops are looking for bookkeepers who aren’t too expensive, yet they know what they are doing. An associates degree will definitely put you in this category.

Small business owner who are doing the accounting for their own business. If you’ve got a small business and you are trying to understand your debits and credits, then an associates degree can go a long way. During your time in school you will learn some basic financial and managerial accounting that will help you take care of your business’ books. In addition, you’ll probably pick up some tax tips along the way.

Future investment banker already majoring in finance or economics. Those who want to work on Wall-Street can benefit from an associates degree in accounting online. This degree, by itself, won’t bring you prestige, but coupled with a finance or economics major it will give you a leg up in the competition against your finance and economic colleagues. Accountants understand financial statements better than anyone else because they are the ones that create the statements.

An associate degree in accounting online isn’t the answer to all of your problems, but for some people it might just be the best fit. In addition to getting you that local shop bookkeeping job or helping your small business, it adds fundamental analytical skills that can help you in business. In addition it gives you an understanding of financial statements that you might not gain in other majors.