Head To Head Cuisinart vs Keurig

Alright, today we’re talking about Cuisinart vs Keurig. The 2 giants do battle and who will be the winner when it comes to the single serve coffee maker champion? I could tell you right now who the winner is, because I’ve already written this review as I come back to type this in. But I’m not gonna spoil it. You’ll have to read down all the way to the bottom.

In the left corner weighing in at 10 pounds we have the top of the line Keurig B70 Platinum single cup brewer. In the right corner, weighing in at 18.2 pounds is the under dog Cuisinart SS-700 single serve brewing system. I’ve paired the Cuisinart vs Keurig with the top of the line Keurig to give a fair representation. They are both around the same price on Amazon. If you want to buy the Keurig on Amazon at 27% off retail then please click here. If you’d like to buy the Cuisinart SS-700 from Amazon at 54% off retail then please click here.

Okay first up is the water reservoir size. This is important because it means you can have x amount of cups of coffee before you have refill the water reservoir. The Keurig Platinum has a 60 ounce water reservoir. The Cuisinart SS700 has an 80 ounce water reservoir. Winner is Cuisinart.

The next important feature is the choices amongst the different size coffee cups you can use with either of these single serve coffee makers. The Keurig coffee maker allows you to choose 5 sizes (4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces). The Cuisinart single serve coffee brewer allows you to choose from 5 sizes (4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces). Ladies and gentleman this round is a tie.

There are a couple more areas where both the Keurig B70 K Cup coffee maker and the Cuisinart SS700 K Cup coffee maker are tied. They both offer quite brew technology, though I’ve heard complaints about the noise in the Keurig and not so much in the Cuisinart. They both are fully programmable and both are energy¬†efficient¬†offering automatic shut off after 2 hours. They also both come with brew temperature settings from 187 degrees to 192 degrees. Keurig vs Cuisinart are tied here too. They also both come with a 12 pack of K Cups as I write this.

So, are there any other coffee boxing rounds where either the Cuisinart or the Keurig come up ahead? Yes there are my friends, thank you for asking. Cuisinart SS-700 coffee maker comes with a reusable K Cup filter that you can reuse and fill with any coffee of your choice. The Keurig doesn’t offer that. A small thing but important nonetheless is that the Cuisinart single cup coffee maker comes with a charcoal filter and the Keurig doesn’t.

The Keurig has a descale indicator to tell you when you need to rinse and clean and descale your coffee maker. The Cuisinart has Rinse Control that automatically rinses out the brew chamber so every cup of coffee is fresh and not tainted by the previous cup. I’ll give this a tie, though I think it is a small win for Cuisinart. The Cuisinart SS700 coffee machine also allows you to pour hot water for tea or water separately from tea or hot chocolate K Cups. The Keurig doesn’t.

The Cuisinart also uses less electricity at around 1,000 watts vs. the Keurig’s heave 1,500 watt usage. But perhaps the crowning achievement, or the knock out punch is that the Cuisinart singel cup coffee maker comes with 3 times the warrant of the Keurig single cup coffee maker. Cuisinart = 3 years, Keurig = 1 year.

Ladies and gentleman in the Cuisinart vs Keurig match of the decade, Cuisinart take the heavyweight championship belt with an easy knock out and a unanimous win from Keurig. The knock out punch was delivered in the 12 and final round having won 8 out of the previous 12 rounds.