How to Install Beautiful Roman Shades

You have two options when installing beautiful roman shades; you may mount them either inside or outside the window frame. Careful when you choose because there are so many types of roman shades and they vary in size. So as a general rule, you have to at least measure an inch of window depth to mount your beautiful roman shades and another 3 inches will be needed for the Flush mount. A Flush mount is a term used to describe a window that is fitted perfectly by the roman shade and that no parts of the shade extend through the window.

Now let’s get started by completing the ingredients, the complete set of a roman shade includes two mounting brackets (the one that will hold the shade), and four screws (to hold the bracket against the wall) and of course, the drape. And you will also need some basic home tools like measuring tape, some power tools (drills) and a Screw driver (Phillips).

First step is the mounting, as I have said earlier; you have two options, inside or outside. When you choose to mount within or inside the window frame, you have to mount each bracket to the topmost part of the frame of the window, but make sure that when you install the bracket, it will not hinder or affect the system or the process of the roman shades. Install the brackets evenly using your measuring tape so as the shade will fit perfectly to the window. Now when you choose to install it outside the window frame, you will have to mount the brackets against the wall at the top of the window. So the only difference between the two options would be the first option is mounted from the window frame, the latter is mounted on the wall. But of course, you also have to measure the exact level of each bracket and the exact distance of each bracket against the shade. Always remember measurement of the brackets against the window and the shade is always critical.

Once the brackets are now snug fit into the wall or frame, you are now ready to install the beautiful roman shades. Installation of the shade is just as easy as counting from one to three. Just press the front edge of the roman shade onto the bracket, and then press the back edge of the shades and snap them together. And there you have it, your do-it-yourself roman shades.