Finding out What is a Boat Builder Called

I love going out with my family on excursions and trips to different places. We always do it to bond and become even closer to one another. My wife and I together with our two kids are always excited whenever we have the opportunity to go away to someplace new and enjoyable. Although of course we also have our old favorites that we continue to frequent no matter what. And on a few occasions, we have been quite fortunate to go on trips abroad for some of the most exotic places on the planet, which tool our excitement and enjoyment to a whole new level. Getting on trips is definitely the highlight of our many moments together.

We have also begun to go to the beach more, and more importantly, we have gone on boating trips to spend time together. Lately, our interest in boats has increased so greatly that we have been seriously thinking about getting our own boat, or maybe even a couple of boats. But an option has surfaced that I am actually seriously considering, and that is for me to do my own boat building. Being a craftsman myself, I am confident that I might be able to pull it off, but with some help and guidance from a professional boat builder, of course. I am an architect by profession, and I am also into woodworking and carpentry, having my own little shop at home. So, I guess a boat builder or whatever a craftsman who build boats is called, who understands the process, would be suited to help me out. I’m worried less about what is a boat builder called, than getting the right person to help me do the job.

The Boat Building Process

I actually even researched what an actual boat builder is called, and I got the simplest and probably the most predictable answer, and it is a boat builder. What other answer should I have been expecting? It is plain and simple as it is, so I just went right on with my research and preparation for building our very own boat.

The boat is to be made from wood, and boat building is actually an old and complex engineering process that mainly features the construction of the hulls for the boats. The hull of a boat is actually its watertight main body, which is basically what the boat is mainly made of. The following are some of the major parts of a boat, and what I need to familiarize myself with:

• Bow – The front and usually the sharp end of the hull
• Bulkhead – The bulkhead refers to the internal walls within the hull.
• Deck – The deck is the top of the hull and helps keep the water and other effects of the weather from getting into the hull.
• Gunwale – Is the upper longitudinal structure making up the hull.
• Keel – The keel is the main part along the centerline of the boat’s bottom. Basically, it is one of the most important parts of the boat’s entire structure, being very instrumental in its turning performance.
• Rudder – This is the steering device that is placed at the rear of every boat, a turnable blade that is on a turnable axis.
• Stern – The stern is actually the back of the boat
• Stem – The stem is an extension of the keel upwards toward the hull’s front.