Tips on How to do Mindfulness Meditation

I consider myself fortunate that I have been able to discover meditation. Being able to reap the many benefits that it offers has honestly been one of the best things to have ever happened in my life. In some ways, I can credit it with helping save my life and starting the turnaround that has led to a better life for me. When I was right on the brink of falling into a very dark place where I might not be able to get out of, meditation came to me or found, like a shining ray of light that led me back to the right path. Ever since I first learned meditation, I haven’t missed a day, managing to weave it efficiently into my everyday schedule. And I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way, since I can no longer go through a day without meditating even for a short while.

There are many different kinds of meditation techniques to choose from. When I started doing meditation, I chose to do the simplest form of meditation process. I chose the most quiet and relaxing place that I could find and proceeded to sit in the simplest sitting position and from there tried to relax my mind and body. It enabled me to achieve inner calm and peace, and from there I progressed to using meditation beads. That’s what I mostly do today, although I have also started doing a little mindfulness meditation, and I found that I also like it a lot.

Mindfulness Meditation

Here are tips on how to do mindfulness meditation properly:

• Mindfulness Meditation can be considered a simple kind of meditation. It does not aim to focus on anything at all, as it does not require you to have any concentration at all. Mindfulness of everything that is around is what’s aimed for, developing full consciousness of everything within and around.

• Find the most comfortable place possible, and make sure that there are no distractions at all. This is important since the aim is to rest the body without the benefit of sleeping. Become passive. Let everything, thoughts and emotions, simply drift by you. Be as unattached to anything that you think about or feel, as well as those the things that happen around you.

• Start breathing easily and as evenly as possible. Everything around you should just drift in and out, and should you feel any restlessness, simply ignore it as best you could.

• As you go along in this manner, sights, sounds, thoughts become indistinguishable to you. You can continue like this for as long as you like. When you feel the need and desire to stop and return, simply choose a sound and identify it with your mind. Gradually feel the sensation of your shoulders, legs, and whatever is touching it. Do some light stretching after a while, slowly moving and shrugging arms and legs, hands and feet. Open your eyes when they are ready.