Guided Meditation – A Great Option

Namaste friends. A guided meditation can be a great way especially as a meditation for beginners guide as you become more comfortable in learning how to meditate. In fact, my answer to the question “How to meditate for beginners” is to generally suggest a guided mediation as the first option.

This is really a great way to go if you’re new to meditation and not sure how to start it. The other thing is that it is a great way to learning about the different meditation types especially if you are not enamored with eastern philosophy. Usually a guided meditation is very secular and something that just helps you to get in touch with your body and mind.

A guided meditation is a very simple meditation technique that any can learn, and in fact you don’t even have to learn it you can just go about following along as you are literally guided to meditate. A guided meditation it can be argued is a type of mindfulness meditation where you are engaged in a state of mindfulness and you become aware and focused on certain objects or things.

As many gurus and teachers have tried to inspire us, living in the present is almost a mindfulness meditation in itself.

I have found that one of the best ways to do a guided meditation can be through listening and following along as a teacher guides you through a meditation. These are certainly not mantra meditations where you are literally singing or repeating a mantra to yourself as you get deeper and deeper into a meditative state.

Mantra meditations are not meditations for beginners necessarily though I’ve seen many beginners have great success with mantra meditation. Nevertheless let me keep to the subject of guided meditation.

The first option is to join a class where a teacher will lead a few of you through a guided meditation in a reassuring and calming voice. With all of these meditation techniques for beginners I’d suggest that you lie on your back, naturally and comfortably. A yoga mat can add comfort.

The second way for folks who prefer to conduct meditations in the comfort of their own home is to purchase a MP3 meditation or CD that you can listen to while you are guided through the meditation by the speaker. This can be a great meditation for beginners way of getting started.

The last way that I’d like to talk to you about guided meditation for beginners is to guide yourself. This is not as hard as it seems. Lie on your bed on your back and get comfortable. Then starting from your head and working down, try and tense each muscle and then relax it. Work your way down to your toes.

When you’ve reached your toes and you’re in a very relaxed state of mind. Try and focus on some image from your past that was particularly pleasant. A sunset or beach or jungle where you felt very pleasant and at peace. This is a guided meditation. Don’t despair if your mind wonders, just gently bring it back to that peaceful image you’re focusing on. Do this guided meditation for 5 minutes to start, eventually working your way up to 30 minutes each day if possible. The results will be greater peace and happiness and less stress.