Our Three Favorite Outdoor Furniture Pieces

This article lists three of our favorite outdoor furniture pieces that you can add to your existing outdoor setting to enhance its style, functionality, and comfort. Each piece is designed by well-reputed manufacturers in the industry that specialize in crafting the highest quality furniture. They also offer a wide selection of stylish cushions for patio furniture of all designs and sizes allowing you to fully customize each piece according to your unique individual tastes. These pieces are built to last and will deliver value for years and years of enjoyment.

Hampton Outdoor Conversation Set

The Hampton Outdoor Conversation Set includes a coffee table, loveseat and two very comfortable chairs. A perfect compliment to any outdoor bar furniture set, this Hampton set is finished with an attractive espresso finish to add style to your garden or patio setting. The Hampton Outdoor Conversation Set is built from the finest sustainably harvested FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Wood. FSC wood reduces tropical deforestation, risks to wildlife, and wont worsen the global warming crisis. It is weather resistant to withstand the most extreme conditions so you can keep it outside all year long without the hassle of moving it into storage.

Pagoda Sardinia Classic Antigravity Garden Chair

The Pagoda Sardinia Classic Antigravity Garden Chair is easy to fold up and store under cover during the colder months of the year. The sturdy steel-framed construction is crafted with leisure in mind and will last generations. The textilene pillow adds a warm compliment to the sophisticated aluminum and steel frame and there are various multi locking positions for different uses. The Pagoda Sardinia Classic Antigravity Garden Chair includes the chair and an ultra comfortable headrest pillow. Don’t let the affordable price deceive you. Many pieces that carry a high price tag lack the quality of lower priced pieces, so it is important to not choose the higher priced just because it markets itself as the best. This Pagoda chair is crafted with the same quality guidelines as some of the highest priced pieces on the market.

Oceanside Poolside Dining Set

The Oceanside Poolside Dining Set includes four chairs and a strong round glass top table. The texteline, quick-dry seats makes this set perfect for being next to the pool. Choose between the dining chairs or swivel chairs, or choose both to outfit your entire patio. The attractive, fresh, white coated finish will brighten and add life to the darkest patio and garden spaces. The lightweight frame gives you the best of both worlds as it is easy to move around and is weather resistant. The durable, extra thick glass top will support all your guests dishes and will leave them impressed after each gathering.

We hope this article encourages and inspires you to enhance your current outdoor furniture. The manufacturers of these pieces have been creating innovative and award winning sets for years. Their collections are inspired by French, English and Asian influences and are proven to suit your unique individual tastes. Each of these pieces have excellent quality for their price and you may just find yourself not wanting to ever leave your garden or patio!