How to Choose a Good Pair of Prescription Safety Glasses

Kids love to choose glasses based on their appearance and the brand. For appearance, they like glasses that looks trendy and cute, and brands that are popular among kids like Disney and Hush Puppies, attract them more than establish brands like Oakley and RayBan. As parents, we can leave the selection of glasses to the children, as this will make them more happy to take good care of their glasses. But there are some areas we need to take note of so that we can help our kids choose a good pair of prescription safety glasses.

When we pick the frames, they must have spring hinges, because spring hinges help to alleviate the stress from prolonged wearing of glasses. The spring hinges located at between the temples and the lenses also allow the temples to bend slightly outward when the child is removing the glass, helping the glasses to retain its shape even after many times of wearing and removing.

For the lens, it is highly recommended to pick polycarbonate lenses because of their durability. If you wear glasses, you will know that our lenses get scratched for no reason, and it can get worst for our kid. Polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant, and you can even add a extra durable layer to further protect the lens from scratches.

Lastly, the frame material is very important. I would recommend plastic frames for your child as they can retain their shape well, sometimes even under extreme circumstances. If your child like metal frames, choose one that is flexible, so that when the glasses is bent out of shape for whatever reason, you can perform magic and bend it back to its original shape. Apart from prescription safety glasses, you can consider buying sunglasses for your kids too. This will help protect their eyes against the harmful UV rays which can cause cataracts when they grow up.