Yogalates and Your Body

We’ve all heard of Yoga. Perhaps some are new to the practice called Pilates. Combine these two and you get Yogalates. Louise Solomon wanted to take the best of both worlds when she created this brand new practice almost 20 years ago. Since this practice is already based on methods that are tried and true it does not have to be proved that it works. It uses the exercises and methods from both that have been performed from millions of people already.

If you’ve practiced Yoga you will appreciate the therapeutic benefits it has on the mind through focusing on the breath and the meditation while doing the pose shavasana. Along with this is strength and flexibility for the whole body.

If you’ve also been fortunate enough to be exposed to a Pilates class, then you will know the core awareness and strength this brings along with proper postural alignment. Rather than the bulked up muscles like from doing weights, you get long, lean muscles and a super duper toned body.

If you’ve practiced one or the other and felt you might be missing something in your workout then combining these two really gives one an ideal workout for body and mind alike. Since they both complement each other already it does not seem contrived to blend these two together. They fit hand and glove. You can get the sculpted body and yet still have the mental clarity and peace and calm. There is no competition, not even with yourself.

Now, there are classes you can take to achieve these results. It is always best to start with a trained professional so you can do the exercises safely and accurately to avoid energies and to get the most of your workout. There are also Yogalates dvds you can buy online through Solomon Yogalates or through Amazon.

Get your dvd or try a class and find the wonderful world of Yogalates.