Hotels with a Jacuzzi in the Room- Is it worth it?

Couples or honeymooners usually prefer hotels with a Jacuzzi in the Room. Most hotels offer Jacuzzis as part of their facilities or a private Jacuzzi in each of the hotel rooms. It is a bit expensive than regular rooms so is it worth the expense?

Cost of Rooms with Jacuzzis

Hotels often have separate packages for couples and families. A room with its very own Jacuzzi is often part of the package. Even cheap and affordable hotels offer this feature for couples. However, it’s no secret that with an additional feature, the room becomes more expensive and not all can afford that. Couples who are willing to splurge on their trip think of it as a bonus feature. Private Jacuzzis allows for quality time without any disturbances.

Where to find Hotels with Private Jacuzzis

Expedia and Travelocity are sites you can visit to check which hotels meet the required criteria of the individual. Use the search box of the sites and type “hotels with Jacuzzi in room.” You can make it more specific by typing in other requirements you want like location.

Alternatives to Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi is a company name known for manufacturing various whirlpool tubs. Their products have become so popular that the name Jacuzzi has been attached to several of their items. Jacuzzi to a lot of people is a jetted tub that produces bubbles. Some hotels use a deep soaking tub instead of a Jacuzzi. It’s roomy and can accommodate two people. It’s still the same except that it doesn’t produce bubbles.

Couples could also try the Jacuzzis included in the facilities of the hotel. It’s a cheaper alternative sometimes even offered for free. It may not have the same privacy as the private Jacuzzi but it still offers the same relaxing effect for a cheaper price.