An Overview of Electrolux Oxygen Vacuum Cleaners

Electrolux is one the most respected manufacturers in the industry of household appliances. It is best known for its line of vacuum cleaners which are not only high-quality but affordable as well. One good example of a series this brand has come up with is the Electrolux oxygen series. The models under this name are capable of sucking in 97.97% of air particles so they are very safe to be used by those who have allergies to dust. It also comes with a powerhead and a reputable motor that can effectively clean deep pile carpets.

What’s also good with the Electrolux oxygen series is that they come with buttons on their handles which makes them easy to control. If you want to quickly turn off your vacuum because of an overfull vacuum bag, just flip one of the switches on the handle and your machine will automatically shut down. This mechanism is really very useful because one of the common causes of vacuum breakdown is inability of vacuum cleaners to immediately stop once their bags are already full.

The models in this series can also be easily adjusted so that the user can easily use it in cleaning any kind of surface from steep curtains, to deep rugs, and under the sofa spots. Besides from the 7 foot hose, these vacuum cleaners can also rotate 360 degrees and come with big wheels so that they can be easily maneuvered around the house. Though some of the gadgets under this brand are a little expensive, they are also manufacturing affordable products to cater to even those with limited budgets. Refraining from shopping on appliance centers on malls can also help you save more on money because these shops normally add high price overboard on their products. Online shops selling vacuums is also a good option if you are looking for cheap models.