How To Become Psychic

Many people in the world today believe we are on the cusp of a major earth awakening.  This does not just include psychics, but many scientists, world economists and leaders.  Many of us “feel” something is going to happen in 2012, but nobody can tell us for sure what exactly it is that is going to happen.

There are many who are fearing 2012 as being something bad.  The end of the world.  The end times.  However, there is nothing in the Mayan calendar to suggest doom and gloom.  It simply comes to an end.  This, many believe, can just mean that we are entering a new age.  The age of Aquarius starts around 2012.  Similar to the fact that we have calendars that run for 12 months, they Mayans may have simply created a calendar that lasts a lot longer.  Of course it has to end at some point!

Interest in the world of metaphysics has increased dramatically as we draw closer to the 21, December 2012.  We are seeking answers to the unknown.  You might be tempted to find a psychic to gain some answers.  Or try and learn how to become psychic yourself to unlock the mysteries of this year.

All in all, nobody truly knows what is going to happen (if anything).  This has also been a time for commerce to reap in the profits based on peoples fears.  You can buy 2012 survival guides.  These survival guides have one major flaw – nobody knows what is going to happen, so how can you write a survival guide based on unknown circumstances?

It does indeed pay to be prepared should something happen.  Stockpile a sensible amount of canned foods, fresh water and something to use for cooking and light.  If the popular theory of solar flares (as even announced by NASA) comes to pass, we may be without electricity for months (perhaps years in some areas).  In this case, it will pay to be prepared.  If nothing comes to pass, great!  You will have a lot of food and water for a while and will be able to enjoy a reduced grocery bill for a while!