Can Meditation Increase Your IQ At All?

Meditation is more than just a simple process of achieving relaxation. In my mind it is actually a way of saving and changing lives for the better. If someone will ask me to name another kind of activity that would at least approach what meditation is capable of providing or what it offers, then I would be extremely hard pressed to do so. In fact, there is a very strong likelihood that I wouldn’t be able to do it at all. That’s what makes me so thankful that I became curious enough to actually try it out. And now, a couple of years later, I am fully reaping the fruits of my countless hours of meditating and trying to achieve an altogether different kind of inner peace and calm.

What really drove me to meditation was my search for that path towards the kind of relaxation that benefits not only my body but my mind as well. In fact, I wanted to relax my mind even more than I wanted to relax my body, and that was the reason that I wanted so much to do the meditation techniques that I have learned so earnestly. And of course it all paid off, as I became a much more relaxed and stress free person, a far cry from what I used to be. However, even as I have already gained a lot from meditation, I still wanted to know if there are still effects or benefits from doing it that I do not know of. And that is what I am resolved to discover.

Meditation and Your IQ

Meditation and your IQ, does it have any actual connection? Can meditation increase your IQ at all or not? This has long been a question that people who are interested in meditation have asked. Even when I was just starting out meditating, I was already hearing about it although I was not able to give it any due attention back then. But now I have given it the kind of consideration that it has always deserved. We all know that meditation helps us out with how we are able to improve our concentration and mental focus. This allows all of those who undergo meditation to be able to think more clearly and intelligently under stressful or problematic situations.

People who have meditated for a long time have been shown to have better brain activity especially with regard to paying attention. And there has also been a theory by scientists that meditation can actually increase the IQ of a person by up to 20 points. Well, that’s an astounding fact right there, and it might be a stretch to think that everyone can have their IQ increase by even half that number. But it is definitely safe to say that meditation can indeed positively influence one’s IQ, to the point of increasing it.