Save on your young driver car insurance

Let’s face it.  Car insurance is not a terribly cheery subject.  Very few people who enjoy thinking or talking about a service that sends you a check to pay for your hospital and repair bills in case you smash up your car – and your body – in a vehicle accident.  But the other side of the coin is that people do happen to smash their cars up, mangle their bodies, and create grievous financial hardship in the process, on a regular basis.  So from that perspective, car insurance can be a godsend.

That doesn’t mean that you’re likely very excited to pay more than you should for car insurance, either, so if you’re like most consumers, you’re looking for ways to save money on your motor car insurance.  Here are a few tips.

  • Bundle all your services with the same company, if possible.  Many financial services companies are also insurers (and vice versa), and many insurers provide coverage in the form of auto, home, life, property, and hazard policies.  If you can find a firm that does reasonably well in all areas, you’d do well to reap the 25% savings that bundling can garner.
  • The same goes for multi-car insurance situations.  Cover both of your vehicles with the same company for a 20% savings or so.
  • If you’re paying for young driver car insurance, you can enlist your young driver’s help in keeping costs down.  Getting Junior to get good grades and qualify for the good student discount can save around 10% to 15%.
  • If you’re not yet locked in to a particular provider, but don’t want to endure the pain involved in sifting through various car insurance providers to make an educated choice, you can have auto insurance discounters collect a list of viable candidates based on your criteria.  Doing so can cut your research time down to a fraction of what it would otherwise be.
  • Don’t forget about unorthodox savings opportunities, with such affinity groups as alumni organizations, lodges, charity groups, etc.  Insurance companies often offer up to 10% discounts for members.

Just a little extra effort can generate substantial car insurance savings.