Yoplait Probiotic Yogurt – by Kelloggs

Kellogg’s has a product line of yogurt. This is being produced and manufactured by their small companies name Yoplait. There are various yogurt products that this company produces and one of their highlighted products is the probiotic yogurt. There are a lot of reviews heralding the benefits of consuming a good serving of Yoplait probiotic yogurt. These servings come in a plastic tub that has six ounce serving of different yogurt types.

Their products are well known for its taste and dedication to their consumers to produce yogurt that really has live and active bacteria. The shelf life of the product will also be a factor of the bacterial count as its count will also diminish the more that it stays in the shelves. This is the reason why for every packaging they have there is an equivalent expiration date stamped on each tub making their consumer as to when it’s best to consume the product and still get its health benefits. The yogurts that this company produces are free from any preservatives making it very conducive for eating every day. Other than that their food products are free from added fats and calories. This is very beneficial for those who are on a diet but still needs the help of good bacteria to aid their digestion process. There are three strains of bacteria contained in their YoPlus probiotic yogurt.

The strains on each serving are concluded to be very helpful in stabilizing and balancing the intestinal systems. On top of the health benefits pertaining to the digestive system, each serving also contains vitamins C and D and phosphorous. As their products are also marketed to different types of consumers, they also offer different packaging for those who are lactose intolerance consumers as well as those who are in need of high calcium content yogurt.