Water ETF – How To Take Advantage Of The Water Crisis

Oh no! There’s a water crisis! Does that mean you should figure out how to flush your toilet with used shower water, stop taking showers longer than five minutes, and always remember to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth so you don’t waste precious water? Actually, not really.  Household water consumption is only eight percent of what humans actually use water for.  Most of the water goes toward agriculture.  What the ‘water crisis’ does mean, however, is that there’s a way for you to make a little money because of the ‘crisis’.  That is through using the leveraged etf the water etf.

As much as environmental groups like to say otherwise, the only real war that was ever fought over water happened somewhere between four thousand five hundred and ten years ago, and four thousand three hundred sixty years ago back in Sumeria. Do conflicts about water happen? Absolutely, but they aren’t a reason to panic. They’re a reason to invest. There are two different branches to the water ‘crisis’. One is that in developing countries, there is a huge demand for new pipes, new water sanitation plants, new irrigation, and technology to take advantage of everything being brand new. In developed countries, there is also a huge demand for new pipes–to replace old ones that are breaking.

By investing in water, you’re making money from such statistics as the water demand is growing at twice the rate of the population. You’re taking advantage of the fact that pipes are bursting through the USA at a rate of nearly one pipe per minute and counting. These aren’t small yard pipes, either. These are big, wash-the-road-out pipes. The ‘crisis’ is happening, and you can either jump on board and count your dollars when your house is out of water for two days, or you can panic and get nothing good out of it.