How to Keep Your Fireplace in Good Condition

Have you ever thought of your fireplace as a mechanical amenity? Believe it or not many people don’t. Realistically speaking it’s true that the fireplace doesn’t fit into the definition of something mechanical but the irony is that mechanical problems do arise from it. The good thing is that these problems are usually simple enough to solve.

When it comes to the fireplace, a stuck damper is one of the most common problems. As most of you know, the ash and soot that builds up every time we use the fireplace can be a real nuisance especially if it isn’t disposed. Don’t just leave the debris lying around in your fireplace; they are the culprit in damaging your damper. A stuck damper is no good to you so save yourself from having to call professional cleaners and just do routine maintenance on your fireplace surround.

There might be times that your damper will wear down and when you think it’s not functioning properly, better look for the problem yourself. Don your gloves and protective eye shield and take a peek up your chimney. If your damper is not stuck with soot and dirt, see if it’s rusted somewhere. Then check if its mechanical parts are still working by opening and closing the damper. If nothing seems to be amiss but your still having smoke related problems, maybe its time to have it replaced.

You definitely don’t want to have safety problems in your fireplace. Aside from doing routine maintenance and cleanings, pay close attention to how your fireplace contains the fire. If you have fireplace doors, make sure they are tempered glass which can withstand intense heat and avoid slamming fireplace accessories and tools against them. If you don’t have fireplace doors, avoid over-firing your fireplace. Even if you have fireplace doors over-firing is a no-no. The grate should be more than at least 6 inches from the doors too. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your fireplace can give your home a warm and relaxing feeling. Always keep your fireplace in good condition and you can be sure to have a lot of comfortable times sitting by the fire through cold nights for many years to come.