The Truth About Vibram Five Fingers Sizing

If you want a different sort of experience when it comes to running then you ought to try wearing Vibram Five Fingers. This is best shoe for barefoot running today.What’s the idea behind it? Well, it’s actually quite simple recent research has shown running barefoot brings in benefits to the body that are lost when one uses any type of footwear. This is because the human feet is the product of ages of evolution and it has been adapted to walking and running, However in his time and age we can not go about with any protection on our feet. But the more that we cover up our feet with shoes and sandals the more it losses its natural capability to handle rough surfaces. The same study has also shown that running or walking with shoes forces us to land in an unnatural position that is bad for the body’s balance.

The findings of that study is the cause for the development of barefoot shoes. These shoes aim to provide their wearer with the closest sensation that they could get to barefoot running while still providing protection to the feet. This is achieved through the use of ultra thin materials for the sole, lightweight fabrics for the rest of the shoe, and designs that aim to make it as light and breathable as possible. The Five Fingers from Vibram is the best example of this new type of footwear. It has a revolutionary design that aims to give its wearer the illusory feeling that he is not wearing any shoes at all. The toes are kept separate giving it a look that is so unlike any other shoe.

Now for those who are wondering about the system for Vibram Five Fingers Sizing we will tackle that a little. The question on how to find the right size with a footwear like the Five Fingers would be the foremost question on the mind of someone who is thinking of trying it out. With the sort of design that it has, hitting the right size is more important than with more ordinary kind of shoes.

The best way to find the right size for a shoe like the Five Fingers is to take the measurement of your feet from the the heel to the tip of the longest toe. Take this measurement when you are standing up so that your full weight will extend the feet fully. Put your heels against the wall and then place a ruler under your feet and take the measurement from the wall to the tip of the longest toe. The longer measurement from your two feet should be the final measurement. You might have a slight problem if the difference in the measurement of your two feet would be greater than a sixth of an inch but do not worry something could still be done about that.

The best way still top get the right measurement is to try it out so you could get the feel on your feet.