Does a Boat Trailer Need a License Plate At All?

This past weekend I felt like a child again. Yes, it was like turning back the hands of time about twenty years into the past or so. It was all due to my purchase of a small fishing boat that I have wanted for the longest time now. This is actually my very first boat, so that can partly explain why I am so giddy upon finally getting it. Our family have had a couple of larger boats for years, and that is how my love for boating and fishing developed, but having my very own is quite different. It is the attainment of a lifelong dream, which gives a great amount of satisfaction and contentment.

I immediately purchased a boat trailer to be able to move my boat easier from one location to another. Especially since I would love to fish and cruise around as much as I can, now that I have my own boat. Of course I’d also love to take some of my closest friends along with me, and it is a no-brainer that family members would inevitably tag along. My love for the water, boating and fishing was something that was passed on to me by my family. So the boat trailer is an absolute necessity for me right now, as its importance is definitely not lost on me.

Boat Trailers and License Plates

My excitement to use the boat and get around in it and do some fishing on the side necessitates that I make use of the boat trailer quite a lot. That got me into thinking; does a boat trailer need a license plate? It was a really serious question in my mind, but since it was one of those things that I did not pay much attention, I needed to get some information about it. The realization that it is actually vital information came to me as I was planning to move from one place to another.

As I was moving the boat and boat trailer to a different state, I found out that every state actually requires some kind of plate registration or another, or maybe a special kind of permit when moving vehicles like that from one state to another. This is needed since I would need to go through a public road or highway in order to do so. The best thing to do would be to contact a local Depart of Motor Vehicles to learn if some kind of temporary license or permit will be issued by them. I would also like to learn if they can issue or are allowed to issue a permanent license for the boat trailer, or if I may have to renew it for every few years or so.