Are Menopause Headaches a Myth?

Menopause signs and symptoms come in different variations, there are so many different types and varieties of symptoms that it’s almost difficult to track. This means that the body of a woman really goes crazy when going through this transition, causing a lot of weird stuff. One of the common menopause signs is headache. It is also known as “menopause headache”, which is almost like migraine.

Not like regular headaches, menopause headaches are much more difficult to handle. Most of the time, women who suffer this condition are advised to go home and take the rest of the day off to rest. It will really jeopardize your social and professional life. Same as any other menopause signs or symptoms, menopause headaches are also considered to be hormone imbalance symptoms. When a certain hormone is not produced in our body, that’s when symptoms start to show, which causes our whole system to go crazy.

Fortunately, there are ways to remedy and avoid menopause headaches. Studies show that menopause headaches occur when you are stressed. Take a break from time to time, if you work at an office. Make sure to rest your eyes for a few minutes every few hours. It is also helpful to clear your mind if you get into a stressful conversation from anyone.

It is equally advised to moms that stay home to always be relaxed. You would think that their job is easy, but it might be more stressful at home than being in the office, especially when you have kids around. Having a little bit of “me time” is good for you, do it in the afternoons or night time, make sure to do this and explain it to the kids why you need it. You should be alone for like 15 to 30 minutes, use this time to do something that relaxes you, like reading your favorite book or listening to soothing music. Having an uninterrupted quite time is also a good idea, so you can relax your mind.