Learn What is the Purpose of the Mantra during Meditation

Meditation is my ultimate fallback. It has helped me get through so many trying and difficult times in my life, and I definitely acknowledge and appreciate that. There is probably no action or process that I have learned throughout my life that have been so rewarding and has given me so much positive rewards. From the very first time that I meditated, which is about four years ago, to this very minute, I have felt better and better. My problems and the stress that they provide have also become a thing of the past, as I am now more at peace within myself. The level of relaxation that meditation has given me is something that I never experienced before and I never thought to be possible at all.

I started with the most simple, the most basic meditation techniques. It was taught to me by a very good friend who have been meditating and doing yoga for many years now. In fact, he has been convincing me to try out yoga and meditation for some time, but I was only finally convinced after the stress that I was dealing with simply became too much for me to handle. So I just thought to myself that I might as well try it out and see if it can really help me out, and I was so glad that I did try it out. That was when I noticed the positive effects that meditation was having on my mind, body, and my entire life. It made me thankful of the chance to do it, and vowed to do it forever. With the help of the mantras that I utter during each meditation session, I’m sure I’ll be able to get even more positive results from it.

The Purpose of Mantras

In the beginning of my practice of meditation, I was not so sure of the real use of mantras during the process. Then I thought that I was made to do it just to help me with my breathing and also to keep me from noticing any outside distractions. But then I made an effort to really find out and learn what Mantras should be for, and I finally got to know its true value. So what is the purpose of the mantra during meditation? It is actually a Sanskrit word that translates to “instrument of the mid”. Mantras were used by the yogis to go beyond the distractions and gather his thoughts into a more focused whole. It would also allow for inner peace or the attainment of it. Repeating simple mantras help us in our ultimate goal of getting to a high level of relaxation that only meditation can allow.