Make it Modern – Designer Shower Curtains

When you enter a bathroom, usually the first thing you will see is the shower curtain. This visibility is the reason why many brands manufacture designer shower curtains with striking designs that will immediately create a lasting first impression. Most modern shower curtains are intended to be the bathroom centerpiece around which a theme is build around, or as complements to an already existing theme.

In choosing modern shower curtain designs, you might want to consider the following information.

Striped Patterns
This pattern usually consists of crisscrossing straight parallel lines. They often appear in various neutral colors, such as shades of brown, gray, or colors. They best complement a neutral-based theme, enhancing the bathroom ambience. Because of this pattern’s simplicity, they can be seamlessly integrated into any pre-existing theme. They do not interfere in the main style; on the contrary, they serve as perfect accents. These curtains are perfect if you want to create a very relaxing bathroom ambience.

Shape Patterns
These shower curtains contain various shapes like circles and squares placed over a single-color or gradient backdrop. They offer a more dynamic feel to the ambience compared to their line counterparts. Hence, it can be found in bathroom themes that aim to inspire or energize. This design is popular in Europe.

Not Your Ordinary Accessory
You might not notice it until you install it, but the effect of a modern shower curtain is very pronounced. It can spell the difference between a perfect and terrible bathroom ambience. This piece of accessory can really shift the style of a bathroom in no time. For example, installing a purple shower curtain can instantly alter a relaxing bathroom atmosphere into a psychedelic one.

There are literally thousands of modern designs to choose. All you have to do is to keep what kind of design theme you have and you are free to choose!