Differences Between San Antonio Kitchens and NYC Kitchens

San Antonio remodeling is completely different from NYC remodeling. The cities aren’t that different in age, but the cultural influences are very different and obviously the geographical locations are very different. San Antonio kitchens are really different from the kitchen remodeling NYC style. The homes in NYC are much smaller than the average size of a San Antonio home. The costs of living are also very different. The average rent in NYC is over $1600 whereas the average rent in San Antonio is about $600 per month. To put things on another scale, the cost of living for San Antonio is 30% below the national average. The cost of living in NYC is over 360% over the average cost of living in the US.

When looking at a San Antonio kitchen, there are many different styles that come to mind. San Antonio obviously has a strong Mexican influence so you might see a kitchen similar to something you might see in Mexico. Other the other hand, if you are in a historical area of San Antonio, then you might see more of a bungalow feel. In the downtown section or in the North or Northwest part of San Antonio, you might see a very modern feel or perhaps a modern cowboy feel. In NYC, on the other hand, the sky is the limit as to what you might see. You might see an Asian influence, more of a bohemian feel, or an Italian influence and that is all within a few blocks of one another.

Before you spend any money on remodeling, you really need to consider what sort of style you want. The best way to do this is to go look at homes in your area and see what other people are doing and what works and what doesn’t.

Both cities are very different, but do your homework before deciding on a design.