Charlotte Cake With Ice Cream And Peaches

It always amazes me how such a delicious cake can be so easy to prepare. There are dozens of different version of Charlotte cakes, this one is with fruits and ice cream. Ingredients are for 8 people.

200gr savoiardi biscuits
300gr hazelnuts ice cream
250gr pistachio ice cream
400gr double cream
4 canned peaches, diced
50gr meringues, ground
100gr strawberries, quartered
1 tsp icing sugar
1 tbsp sugar
1 small glass rum
Mixed berries to decorate

For this cake you will need the round Charlotte mold, with the typical indentations for the savoiardi.
Mix the rum with a glass of warm water and dip the savoiardi in it, and line both the bottom and the sides of the Charlotte mold with them. The biscuits will have to stick out of the side, whereas for the bottom you will need to break them to get the right length.

Whip the double cream while still cold until firm then add the sugar, the peaches, the meringues and the strawberries.

Take the mold and add two layer with the two types of ice cream, then fill it with the cream and fruit mix. Using a knife, cut the tips of the savoiardi sticking out of the sides and set them aside. Make sure you don’t move the biscuits. Put the cake in the freezer for at least four hours.

Half an hour before serving it, take it out, and place it on a serving dish. Holding a cloth, carefully slip off the mold. Decorate the top with the savoiardi tips and with the mixed berries. The last touch will be dusting it with icing sugar.

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