Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors & Bathroom Light Fixtures Make Bathroom Makeovers Easy & Stunning

If you’re fed up of looking at the same tired and dreary bathroom on every occasion that you walk by, it may be time to consider a renovation or a remodel. Often, though, ripping out a bathroom and starting again can be a very costly and lengthy process, and if you only have one bathroom in the home it can be incredibly inconvenient too. If the basic elements of the bathroom are sound – and by that I mean the tiling, and the sink and bath – it’s possible to change a few small details cheaply and quickly that will really transform the look of the whole room.

Using illuminated bathroom mirrors can really open up the room and make it appear larger than it actually is. A great trick is to cover an entire wall with a mirror – usually the wall behind the vanity sink unit – and then make sure that the mirror is well illuminated either from above or from the side. Many hotels use this little trick to make their en suite bathrooms seem grander than they actually are, and make you think that you’re getting a little touch of luxury for your money. For the gadget addicts amongst you, a mirror with a built in anti-misting function is a must buy – you’ll never be struggling to have a shave or apply make-up because of a steamed up mirror, after leaving the hot tap or shower running for too long.

Next up on the list is the taps and bath fittings. Older ones tend to loose their sparkle, and replacing an old corroded tap with a glistening new one will make a dramatic difference. Another trick in a bathroom is to make everything that you touch look like a million dollars – so taps, the shower unit, and cupboard handles all get the make-over treatment, while the old sink, bath and cupboard doors can be cleaned up or repainted.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to get the lighting right. Now you’ve got your new mirrors and sparkly new taps you need to make them shine, and you do this by using the right type of bathroom light fixtures. You should choose fixtures that allow for an even and natural spread of light throughout the whole room – having a single light fixture in the centre of the ceiling just won’t give the right kind of light, as wherever you stand in the room you’ll always be creating your own shadow in front of you. The best light fittings to use are recessed ceiling lights – they’re fairly inexpensive and you can use a number of them spread around the ceiling to make sure the whole room is bathed in light.

So the renovation is done – replacing just the mirrors, taps and light fixtures will transform your room and will have saved you not only financially, but several weeks of mess and inconvenience too. Friends and neighbours will want to know how you’ve managed such a transformation so quickly, and will be convinced that you’ve splashed out a fortune on your new room.