Dinosaur Stuffed Animals: My Pillow Pets T-Rex

There are some really neat stuffed animals available today, especially some very neat stuffed dinosaurs.  One company that has a lot of success creating unique stuffed animals that kids really love is My Pillow Pets.  They have also expanded into creating dinosaurs that kids love, including the My Pillow Pets T-Rex.  For dinosaur lovers, this is a great addition to any toy collection they currently have, or the perfect stuffed animal for any kid to play with.

Dinosaurs, especially T-Rex, are normally created with a fierce look on their mouth, and a creepy dinosaur feel to them.  This particular brand of toy is not like your normal Tyrannosaurus Rex toys.  It does have a growl and teeth look to it, but not as fierce as other toys.  It also is going to be on four legs when it is in stuffed animal mode, which is not traditional.  Most of the toys do have T-Rex standing on its big back legs.

What the My Pillow Pets Tyrannosaurus Rex does have is a unique look and it is made from high quality materials, so kids are going to want to play with it.  The look starts with a neat checkerboard like pattern with gray and green colors.  It has a big red mouth with lots of white teeth.  It does stand on four legs, but as soon as you want it to lie flat and become a pillow (like the name suggests it can be both a stuffed animal and a pillow) all you have to do is undo the Velcro at the bottom of it.

These items are a lot of fun, and have led to an entire collection of My Pillow Pets dinosaurs to be released.  This even includes a My Pillow Pets Pterodactyl, which also has some great unique qualities to it.  While this is not your traditional dinosaur toy, there are a lot of great qualities to it that kids just love, making it a very popular choice.