Choosing the Best Moisturizer for Men

The best moisturizer for men helps men avoid dry skin and keep it hydrated. Men tend to have normal to oily skin, but there are certain conditions where they will need to moisturize the skin as often as women, such as during the winter. Fortunately, there are moisturizers which are made specifically for men.

Facial Moisturizers for Men

Most men tend to suffer from dry facial skin in the winter. Moisturizers containing sunscreen are also useful in the summer. However, one cannot pick just any moisturizer off the shelf. Before buying a facial moisturizer it is important to know one’s skin type. One way to know this is to wash the face and then pat it dry with a towel. Using a dry paper towel, press the towel against the various areas of the face. If the towel comes off dry, one has dry skin. If the towel comes out translucent all over, then one has oily skin. If the paper towel comes out oily in the T-zone, then one has oily skin in that area. Men whose skin gets red after washing have sensitive skin, which means that they should be careful in choosing moisturizers.

After knowing one’s skin type, choosing the best mens moisturizer is fairly easy. Experts advise that men should stick to moisturizers which are designed for their skin. Men with oily skin should look for water or gel-based moisturizers, which do not clog the skin. Men with acne or blackheads can choose non-comedogenic facial moisturizers, or moisturizers with alpha hydroxy acids, while men with dry skin should opt for moisturizers with glycerin. Men with sensitive skin should avoid moisturizers that contain fragrances and should stick to natural moisturizers to avoid irritation.

Guys can still enjoy young and supple skin by regularly using the best moisturizer for men. Facial moisturizers for men are readily available in most stores. However, it is important that men know what specific skin type they have before buying a moisturizer.