Selling Gold Jewelry As an Investment

Recent survey shows that the price and value of gold has not decreased and continues to get higher. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs invest on selling gold and gold jewelries. If you have a good dealer, you may look for some that sells gold bars for a reasonable price. A pure gold bar really costs much these days. If you have gold scraps, you might even think of separating them per karat, have them weighed, and you’ll see the amount you will get from selling valuable gold.

There are basically five types of gold karats. The 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k. The higher the karat means the higher the value. The 24 karat gold is considered as a solid jewelry. Selling gold jewelry offers great deal of income depending on the style, kind and value of your gold.

Where to sell my gold? Before selling, check on karat of each of the jewelry. Then compare the value of each karat per gram and multiply it with the weight of your gold. This would in a way give you a gauge on the price of your gold jewelry. If you are very efficient with social networks, you may even use this to your advantage. Post pictures of the jewelries you sell and let them contact you on the price. You will see how much they would pay for your gold.

Evaluate the material and design of your gold jewelry. Another thing to consider in choosing your gold would be the design of your gold. Of course, buyers eye for an attractive and elegant design but with an affordable price. If you want your jewelries to be purchased faster but within reach of everyone, a lighter gram of jewelry but of captivating design really catches the attention of gold consumers. Another thing they consider would be the add ons. You may include precious stones, and other precious gems like diamond to your jewelry. This makes your gold jewelry a lot more expensive, luxurious, and elegant as compared with others of the same kind.

Always check if the price was worth the value of your gold. Also, give offers and discounts with some services over consumers for them to be attracted more by your products.