More Unique Cooking with Gas Grills

If you consider having a barbecue just another meal of the day then you really aren’t getting full value from your grilling experience. A barbecue can be so much more than something to fill your stomach and pass the time. When you have things firing on all cylinders it can be a true event that brings people together through the wonderful taste of grilled food. It will be something that will be remembered for a long time to come not only for the eating experience but also in the way your wonderful food has brought friends and family together. If you want to stand out from the rest using your gas grills, here are some suggestions for making everything more special.

Use only fresh ingredients – these days it’s unfortunate that many people are opting for things that are supposedly more convenient for a barbecue. You will find hamburgers that come in boxes or even steaks that come vacuum packed. While they will do the job adequately, you really shouldn’t waste that opportunity to cook wonderful fresh food using your grill. Take the time to go to your butcher and get the best cuts of meat, and combine them with fresh ingredients for flavoring.

Make your own sauce – how many times do you go to another person’s barbecue and they slather on way too much sauce? You might even be guilty of this yourself since it is such an easy way to flavor your food. But if you really want to take advantage of freshly cooked meat that come up with your own special sauce made from a secret recipe you determine for yourself.

Don’t forget the side dishes – the meat is obviously going to be the main feature of your barbecue. But there are so many opportunities to include things like vegetables, seafood, or even ethnic foods like curry and noodles. How about setting up a separate charcoal grill for use with vegetables or even pizza? And of course no barbecue is complete without things like potato salad or coleslaw to give each dish an extra kick.